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Introduction to CS3213 FSE

This module provides the students with foundational knowledge and understanding of different aspects of software engineering, including requirements, modeling, architecture, behavior, environment, software analysis, validation, and verification. It serves as a second software engineering module exposing the students to the mathematical foundations of software engineering while simultaneously supplementing and elaborating the foundations in a semester-long project.

Teaching team

Lecturer: Abhik Roychoudhury
Co-Lecturer: Yannic Noller

  • AY 2021/2022: Zhiyu Fan, Kishore R, Jon Chua, Guo Ai
  • AY 2022/2023: Zhiyu Fan, Huang Zhenxin, Christopher Goh, Eris Jacey Masagaca, Ethan Noah Rozario

Material Uploaded

All lecture materials for CS3213 (AY 2021/2022) have been uploaded; if you are interested in the resource, please check Lecture and Lecture (Project). Furthermore, we provide material for our semester-long project: a brief overview, the workflow through the framework, and the current project topics that are available to the CS3213 students.

Assessment Weightage

  • Project: 45%
  • Final Assessment: 40%
  • Midterm Assessment: 15%